About us

Friday Solitaire is a leading internet marketing company which has made a name for itself as one of the leading providers of online shopping and professional services for corporate businesses, the entrepreneurs and consumers alike. Established in the late 90’s, it is an established and pioneering internet marketing firm which has made great strides forward to become among the topmost choices in online business. The company is a part of the “OVERSEAST CHIC” group of companies and also a member of the “ITunes Partner Network” group.

It is a powerful, successful business which provides a multitude of services for the clients and consumers, providing an online shopping and professional buying and selling experience, which has been made simple and easy to access through its WYSIWYG website. The website design of the site is extremely user friendly and has a very professional look to it. The website of Friday Solitaire is designed in such a manner that it makes it easy for people to browse through the information available on the site, making it an excellent resource and a helpful tool for all its customers.

The website also provides all the necessary information required by the consumers or the businesses, as listed under their profiles. This includes the latest product lines, latest offers, special promos and the history of the company, its mission and vision, etc. The website of Friday Solitaire also offers a forum where different individuals and entities can come together and share their views, experiences and ideas about the business, products and services offered by Friday Solitaire.