SEO Meaning in Fiverr – How to Explode Your Business Using Fiverr Services

SEO Meaning in Fiverr - How to Explode Your Business Using Fiverr Services

SEO Meaning in Fiverr – How to Explode Your Business Using Fiverr Services

One of the best selling things on Fiverr are SEO or search engine optimization services. Many people who use Fiverr as a source to find their next job wonder how they got their website so messed up. A lot of the problems come from not knowing how to do SEO. They don’t understand that they have to use certain keywords and phrases to rank high in the search engines. Here is how you can learn the basics of SEO and start making money on Fiverr without any problems at all.

seo meaning in fiverr


The first step in understanding the new meaning of Fiverr is learning the job description. The Fiverr job description will tell you exactly what you need to do for the gig. Don’t be surprised if you’re told that you have to create buzz on Fiverr. Buzz can be created by advertising your gig as something that many people want to do, but usually Fiverr customers aren’t looking for that kind of thing. This shouldn’t scare you off, however, as it is the job description of your gig.


Once you understand the job description, the best place to start is researching it. Look at the gig in question and try to figure out what it is about. Is it long and getting stale? Is it too vague for you to even answer the questions?


Once you figure out the job description, take a deep breath and start reading. If you don’t know anything about SEO, look up tutorials or use Google to search for information. Once you have a decent grasp on what is happening, put together an outline of your plan. You should have an outline of three pages or more, so that you can refer to it during your Fiverr gig.


Now that you have your outline, it’s time to write. Fiverr is known for allowing customers to write short stories and pitch them to their clients. The pages are called “gigs,” and they are a great way to get traffic to your main website. Write up your sales page using the words you found from your outline and work them into the story.


Here is an example: The headline could be “What are the top three traffic generating pages on Fiverr.” You would use those words over throughout the page. After you have sold yourself for a few minutes, then use your keyword traffic generator. It will give you numbers for traffic based on those keywords.


Fiverr also has a contest page you can use. Write up an outline of the prize you are offering and post the link on the Fiverr contest page. Use the words “searched” and “won” to describe the page. Once your Fiverr gig is complete, use the words “sold” and “guested” to get customers to come to your page. You can also use these same words in your website’s header and footer for easy reference.


If you cannot find the keyword you need, don’t worry. Many artists on Fiverr offer several alternative words to help you get traffic. They call this ‘covering” their keyword and it can lead to better results than you might think. Simply choose one alternative word and use it two or three times on each of your website pages. That is all you need to do to boost your SEO meaning!


The key to winning on Fiverr is creating an overall “gag page” instead of just one page with a single gag. If you create multiple pages, you will be using multiple keywords to optimize your page. If your gig is about gardening and your main page is about shoes, chances are someone looking for gardening will not buy shoes on your page. However, if you only have one page about gardening, people looking for shoes will find it!


Fiverr is full of creative people and professionals who understand how important keywords are. Therefore, they tend to use more than one word when they describe the same service or product. For example, instead of just saying “How to grow tomatoes,” you might add “How to grow tomatoes with this machine.” In this example, you are using two words that mean exactly what you are trying to say but are slightly different. This is why it is important to use SEO when writing on Fiverr.


When you get clients on Fiverr, you need to promote your gig as much as possible. This is why it is smart to use keyword research software like Wordtracker and SpyFu to help you find great keywords related to your business. You can also promote your gigs in your blog or website. This is the only way to really attract traffic to your site. If you do your homework and use these SEO tips, you will be able to get more gigs online and turn a profit in no time.

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